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This paper proposes a collaborative filtering method with user-created tags focusing on changes of web content and internet services. Collabo-rative tagging is employed as an approach in order to grasp and filter users' preferences for items. In addition, we explore several advantages of collabora-tive tagging for future searching and information sharing(More)
As the Internet infrastructure has been developed, a substantial number of diverse effective applications have attempted to achieve the full potential offered by the infrastructure. Collaborative Filtering recommender system, one of the most representative systems for personalized recommendations in E-commerce on the Web, is a system assisting users in(More)
A neural cluster structure with single component prediction (NCSCP) was proposed for X-ray fluorescence spectrometry in a multivariable system. The neural cluster structure is built by the collection of a group of neurons which have close relationships among one another. In X-ray fluorescence analysis, the structure is constructed by choosing the elements(More)
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