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This paper presents a software transactional memory system that introduces first-class C++ language constructs for transactional programming. We describe new C++ language extensions, a production-quality optimizing C++ compiler that translates and optimizes these extensions, and a high-performance STM runtime library. The transactional language constructs(More)
Software instrumentation provides the means to collect information on and efficiently analyze parallel programs. Using Pin, developers can build tools to detect and examine dynamic behavior including data races, memory system behavior, and parallelizable loops. Pin is a software system that performs runtime binary instrumentation of Linux and Microsoft(More)
The IA-64 architecture, an implementation of Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing (EPIC), enables the compiler to exercise an unprecedented level of control over the processor. IA-64 architecture features maximize code parallelism, enhance control over microarchitecture, permit large and unique register sets, and more. Explicit control over parallelism(More)
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