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Connectivity of Tiger (Panthera tigris) Populations in the Human-Influenced Forest Mosaic of Central India
Today, most wild tigers live in small, isolated Protected Areas within human dominated landscapes in the Indian subcontinent. Future survival of tigers depends on increasing local population size, asExpand
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Economic valuation of tiger reserves in India : a VALUE+ approach
Contiene: 1. Introduction -- 2. Study methodology -- 3. Economic value of ecosystem services from tiger reserves -- 4. Application of spatial mapping tool to understand flow of ecosystem services: aExpand
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Status of Golden Jackal Canis aureus and ungulates in a small enclosed area- Van Vihar National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India
We estimated densities of Golden Jackals and five ungulate species in Van Vihar National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India.  It is an enclosed area of about 4.45km², out of which 3.5km² is available forExpand
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Patterns of crop rading by wild ungulates and elephants in Ramnagar Forest Division, Uttarakhand
Crop raiding is a major form of human–wildlife confl ict that not only aff ects livelihoods of farmers living close to forest areas but also jeopardizes the objective of wildlife conservation. InExpand
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Making the hidden visible: Economic valuation of tiger reserves in India
Abstract Tiger reserves in India not only support more than half of the global tiger population and are cornerstones of biodiversity conservation, they also provide a wide range of economic, socialExpand
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Research Trends: Evidence-based policy for bamboo development in India: From “supply push” to “demand pull”
Abstract Over the last few years, the bamboo policy in India has undergone a major change. The national bamboo development programme has been restructured with a shift in priority from restoringExpand
Diet composition of Golden Jackals Canis aureus (Mammalia: Carnivora: Canidae) in Van Vihar National Park, India, a small enclosed area
Food habits of Golden Jackals were estimated by an analysis of 200 scats in Van Vihar National Park, India, a small park of 4.45km 2 with a very high density of jackals and ungulates.  A total of 10Expand
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Understorey structure and refuges from predators influence habitat use by a small ungulate, the Indian chevrotain (Moschiolaindica) in Western Ghats, India
The availability of refuges from predators and high quality food are thought to determine habitat use in small ungulates. We tested this hypothesis on habitat use by the Indian chevrotain in aExpand
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