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In this paper, we propose a feedback implosion algorithm delays the segment until the probability of suppression (FIS) algorithm that reduces the volume of feedback retransmission for the segment is less than a specified traffic from receivers in a multicast group over a geostationary upperbound value. The paper shows that the scheduling policy satellite(More)
IEEE 802.16e based WIMAX is a promising technology for broadband wireless access (BWA) because of its high scalability, large coverage area, high data rates and low cost of system deployment. Unlike wireless Local Area Networks (LANs), WIMAX network supports Quality of Service (QoS) to different types of network traffic and has introduced several mechanisms(More)
Satellite systems are a valid alternative to cover wide areas on the earth and to provide broadband communications to mobile and fixed users. Satellite systems should be able to provide to mobile users the same access characteristics of the terrestrial counterparts. This paper investigates packet scheduling aspects for Satellite Universal Mobile(More)
In this paper, we propose an MDC schemes for stereoscopic 3D video. In the literature, MDC has previously been applied in 2D video but not so much in 3D video. The proposed algorithm enhances the error resilience of the 3D video using the combination of even and odd frame based MDC while retaining good temporal prediction efficiency for video over(More)
In this paper, we propose a cross-layer design approach using perfect prediction-based wireless channel conditions to improve the performance of a multicast packet scheduler over satellite network environments in the downlink transmission. The satellite channels are modeled in single and multi-environments with different values of Rician K factors and its(More)
Femtocell is a solution to increase the system capacity and coverage to meet the high demand of the next generation of services on broadband wireless access. However, the deployment of a new femtocell layer may have an undesired impact on the performance of the macrocell layer. The allocation of spectrum resources and the avoidance of electromagnetic(More)