Aduwati Sali

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In this paper, we propose an MDC schemes for stereoscopic 3D video. In the literature, MDC has previously been applied in 2D video but not so much in 3D video. The proposed algorithm enhances the error resilience of the 3D video using the combination of even and odd frame based MDC while retaining good temporal prediction efficiency for video over(More)
Satellite systems are a valid alternative to cover wide areas on the earth and to provide broadband communications to mobile and fixed users. Satellite systems should be able to provide to mobile users the same access characteristics of the terrestrial counterparts. This paper investigates packet scheduling aspects for Satellite Universal Mobile(More)
The exploitation of fluctuating channel conditions in link adaption techniques for unicast transmission has been shown to provide large system capacity gains. However, the problem of choosing transmission rates for multicast transmission has not been thoroughly investigated. In this paper, we investigate multicast adaptive techniques for reliable data(More)
The rapid expansion of wireless monitoring and surveillance applications in several domains reinforces the trend of exploiting emerging technologies such as the cognitive radio. However, these technologies have to adjust their working concepts to consider the common characteristics of conventional wireless sensor networks (WSNs). The cognitive radio sensor(More)