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In this paper two active anti-islanding methods are evaluated and compared according to the ABNT NBR 62116 and IEEE STD 929-2000 standards. These standards specify voltage and frequency trip time settings and trip magnitudes. The first method is the active frequency drift with positive feedback and the second one is the active frequency jump that is based(More)
The increasing number of distributed generators connected to the distribution grids requires islanding detection methods that guarantee the disconnection of generators during grid faults and unintentional island situations. Many anti-islanding techniques have been developed to satisfy this necessity. This paper evaluates two frequency-drift anti-islanding(More)
The amount of distributed generators connected to the utility grid has been growing every year. With this in mind, it is necessary to use methods that can detect islanding conditions in a faster way and that do not decrease the quality of the energy provided by the utility grid. This paper focuses on the design and simulation of a single phase grid-tied(More)
The number of photovoltaic distributed generators introduced into electricity distribution systems is increasing worldwide. Safety measures must be taken for the correct operation of these new distributed generators so as to prevent uncontrolled and undesired power injections into the grid and possible damages to equipment and personnel. This paper(More)
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