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Saccharomyces cerevisiae a and alpha cells express the complementary cell surface glycoproteins a-agglutinin and alpha-agglutinin, respectively, which interact with one another to promote cellular aggregation during mating. Treatment of S. cerevisiae a cells with reducing agents releases the binding subunit of a-agglutinin, which has been purified and(More)
The rice ortholog of DREB1, OsDREB1b, is transcriptionally induced by cold stress and over-expression of OsDREB1b results in increase tolerance towards high salt and freezing stress. This spatio-temporal expression of OsDREB1b is preceded by the change in chromatin structure at the promoter and the upstream region for gene activation. The promoter and the(More)
ARID-HMG DNA-binding proteins represent a novel group of HMG-box containing protein family where the AT-rich interaction domain (ARID) is fused with the HMG-box domain in a single polypeptide chain. ARID-HMG proteins are highly plant specific with homologs found both in flowering plants as well as in moss such as Physcomitrella. The expression of these(More)
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