Adrija Bhattacharya

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In the modern era of electronics and communication decoding and encoding of any data(s) using VLSI technology requires low power, less area and high speed constrains. The viterbi decoder using survivor path with necessary parameters for wireless communication is an attempt to reduce the power and cost and at the same time increase the speed compared to(More)
The service repository in cloud consists of atomic services those need to be composed as per the requirement of consumers. In general, various providers offer different atomic services with same functionalities. These are called similar services and the service selection is the process to choose the best one among them based on the associated Quality of(More)
Business process models expressed in languages such as BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) play a critical role in implementing the workflows in modern organizations. However, control flow errors such as deadlock and lack of synchronization as well as syntactic errors arising out of poor modeling practices often occur in industrial process models. In(More)
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