Adrienne Y. Lee

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Lon protease is a multifunction protein and operates in protein quality control and stress response pathways in mitochondria. Human Lon is upregulated under oxidative and hypoxic stresses that represent the stress phenotypes of cancer. However, little literature undertakes comprehensive and detailed investigations on the tumorigenic role of Lon.(More)
Human Lon protease is a mitochondrial matrix protein with several functions, including protein degradation, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) binding, and chaperone activity. Lon is currently emerging as an important regulator of mitochondria-contributed tumorigenesis due to its overexpression in cancer cells. To understand the mechanism of increased Lon in tumor(More)
INTRODUCTION Computers can be used to provide students with an opportunity to actively learn material and perform tasks in the same way as professionals in the field. Currently at NMSU, only one method class is available for upperdivision students and there are no labs connected with upper-division classes. Some courses have a special need for labs (e.g.(More)
A general finding in psychological studies is that little to no transfer occurs across domains. This research proposes four components as critical elements for finding across domain transfer: 1) examining a single level of skill, 2) transfer of domain general knowledge, 3) extensive practice, and 4) specific training on the strategies used. To test these(More)
This experiment studies the acquisition and retention of text editor command sets. Previous research has focused on consistent, mnemonic sets versus inconsistent, non-mnemonic sets (Lee & Polson, 1988; Walker & Olson, 1988). Although results from these studies indicate that consistent, mnemonic sets are better than inconsistent, non-mnemonic sets,(More)