Adrienne Y. Lee

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Lon protease is a multifunction protein and operates in protein quality control and stress response pathways in mitochondria. Human Lon is upregulated under oxidative and hypoxic stresses that represent the stress phenotypes of cancer. However, little literature undertakes comprehensive and detailed investigations on the tumorigenic role of Lon.(More)
Human Lon protease is a mitochondrial matrix protein with several functions, including protein degradation, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) binding, and chaperone activity. Lon is currently emerging as an important regulator of mitochondria-contributed tumorigenesis due to its overexpression in cancer cells. To understand the mechanism of increased Lon in tumor(More)
Prophylaxis is considered optimal care for hemophilia patients to prevent bleeding and to preserve joint function thereby improving quality of life (QoL). The evidence for prophylaxis is irrefutable and is the standard of care in developed nations. Prophylaxis can be further individualized to improve outcomes and cost effectiveness. Individualization is(More)