Adrienne Y. Lee

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Prophylaxis is considered optimal care for hemophilia patients to prevent bleeding and to preserve joint function thereby improving quality of life (QoL). The evidence for prophylaxis is irrefutable and is the standard of care in developed nations. Prophylaxis can be further individualized to improve outcomes and cost effectiveness. Individualization is(More)
BACKGROUND Variations in the pedicle morphology and presence of spinal deformities can make pedicle screw placement challenging. Recently, computerized tomography (CT) guided screw placement has reportedly improved the surgical accuracy of pedicle screw insertion. However, it is time consuming and expensive. We combined single-plane fluoroscopy in AP(More)
Much recent work on stereotyping has dealt with groups that are either artificially created or that do not have an extensive history of conflict. The authors attempted to overcome this limitation by examining issues of perceived variability and ethnocentrism among samples of White American and African American youth. The goals were both to examine(More)
Many companies employ programmers who use traditional procedural methods for software design. A new approach, object-oriented design, which allows for easy extensibility and reuse of previous designs, has recently been developed (Wirfs-Brock, Wilkerson, & Wiener, 1990). Major claims are made about the benefits of object-oriented design (Gibson, 1990).(More)
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