Adrienne West

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Contemporary developments in the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes and asthma offer possibilities for optimal control, but patients increasingly need to take on responsibilities for self care. Health professionals require comprehensive assessments of outcome that include data reflecting patients' perceptions of their disorder and its(More)
Family, twin, and adoption studies have suggested an important role for hereditary factors in the etiology and pathogenesis of several psychiatric disorders. Advances in molecular and statistical genetics may very well reveal the identity of these factors, which may include single genes. Linked markers, critical to the discovery of abnormal genes in several(More)
BACKGROUND The automated neuropsychological assessment metrics battery-4 for PD offers the promise of a computerized approach to cognitive assessment. METHODS To assess its utility, the ANAM4-PD was administered to 72 PD patients and 24 controls along with a traditional battery. Reliability was assessed by retesting 26 patients. RESULTS The cognitive(More)
OBJECTIVE Evaluation of liver transplant (LT) candidacy involves psychosocial evaluation to ensure appropriate organ allocation. However, the utility of pre-LT psychiatric and neuropsychological factors in predicting posttransplant outcomes remains uncertain. We reviewed current evidence on the prognostic value of pre-LT psychological factors for outcomes(More)
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