Adrienne Tan

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The progression of advanced disease often brings enormous adaptational challenges related to a loss of the capacity to be self-sufficient and to a heightened need for support from others. The increasing need to rely on others at the end of life may reactivate relational problems and may trigger threatening feelings of vulnerability and dependency.(More)
Recent delirium prevention and treatment guidelines recommend the use of an interprofessional team trained and competent in delirium care. We conducted a systematic review to identify the evidence for the value of interprofessional delirium education programs on learning outcomes. We searched several databases and the grey literature. Studies describing an(More)
Rats received morning, midday, and afternoon sessions each day in a chamber located in a room containing distal spatial cues. A lever was mounted on each of the four walls. The rats could work for food on a different lever during each of the three sessions. The rats were able to learn the location of food availability during morning, midday, and afternoon(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between the time to referral (TTR) to psychiatric consultation and the length of stay (LOS) after adjusting for medical comorbity. METHODS Using a naturalistic study design, we collected and analyzed inpatient consultation-liaison psychiatry service data over a 12-month period from 2(More)
BACKGROUND Few resources are available to support caregivers of patients who have survived critical illness; consequently, the caregivers' own health may suffer. We studied caregiver and patient characteristics to determine which characteristics were associated with caregivers' health outcomes during the first year after patient discharge from an intensive(More)
OBJECTIVE The Teaching for Learning and Collaboration (TLC) Program is a teaching-skills program focusing on methods to improve student learning. This program was adopted to address the professional and personal challenges faced by International Medical Graduates (IMGs) completing a fellowship in psychosomatic medicine. METHOD The authors conducted a(More)
BACKGROUND Nutritional recovery in anorexia nervosa (AN) is associated with improved exercise tolerance. METHOD We describe the investigation of a male with AN. Despite nutritional recovery, he complained of impaired exercise tolerance. RESULTS Respiratory muscle weakness was demonstrated as the cause of the impaired exercise tolerance. DISCUSSION(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies have highlighted unique needs of international medical graduates (IMG) during their transition into medical training programs; however, limited data exist on IMG needs specific to fellowship training. PURPOSES We conducted the following mixed-method study to determine IMG fellow training needs during the transition into(More)
OBJECTIVE Disruptions are inevitable during psychiatry residency training and can affect resident learning and patient care. This exploratory study examined the nature and impact of transitions in psychotherapy training. METHODS PGY2-5 residents (45/150; 30% response rate) and psychotherapy supervisors (46/247; 18.6% response rate) were surveyed about(More)
What problem was addressed? Integral to physicians’ identities is the capacity to heal or alleviate suffering. Although this capacity is often associated with an intervention such as medication, the establishment and maintenance of the patient–physician relationship remains bedrock in being a ‘good doctor’. Core clinical skills courses in undergraduate(More)