Adrienne Ray

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In a static magnetic field paramagnetic and nonmagnetic colloids immersed in a ferrofluid self-assemble into fluctuating colloidal flowers. Adsorption and desorption of nonmagnetic petals to larger paramagnetic cores and changes in the petal conformation around the paramagnetic core induce a fluctuating dynamics. We track the motion of colloidal petals on(More)
We report on differently ordered colloidal phases of a mixture of paramagnetic and diamagnetic colloids subject to a quickly varying time dependent magnetic field. Effectively paramagnetic and effectively diamagnetic colloids are created from paramagnetic and nonmagnetic colloids immersed into a thin film of aqueous ferrofluid. The time-averaged dipole(More)
We report on the rotation of colloidal clusters of diamagnetic beads and of mixtures of paramagnetic and diamagnetic beads in a ferrofluid in a precessing external magnetic field. The precession angle of the external field is a control parameter determining the stability of the cluster. Clusters become locally unstable when the local precession angle(More)
A continuous flow multi-mode sample introduction system (MSIS) hydride generator is used with a inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrophotometer (ICP-AES), to determine the concentration of inorganic Arsenic (V) in surface water in comparison to the As(V) concentration of adjacent sediment ; using standard method of additions. The relationship(More)
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