Adrienne Powell

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We report the first detection of tetrodotoxins (TTX) in European bivalve shellfish. We demonstrate that TTX is present within the temperate waters of the United Kingdom, along the English Channel, and can accumulate in filter-feeding molluscs. The toxin is heat-stable and thus it cannot be eliminated during cooking. While quantified concentrations were low(More)
Alcohol withdrawal syndrome can be fatal if not recognized and treated immediately. An estimated 10% to 50% of hospitalized patients abuse alcohol, and they may develop withdrawal syndrome during hospitalization. However, nurses can successfully treat alcohol withdrawal syndrome, even in critically ill patients, with benzodiazepines, the treatment of choice.
Three cases of Goodpasture's syndrome (pulmonary hemosiderosis and glomerulonephritis) are described. Each presented with unexplained hemoptysis and subsequently developed glomerulonephritis which caused uremia. These cases include the youngest and the oldest individuals yet reported with the condition. Steroid therapy was administered to one patient but(More)
Introduction Biologists lack a great deal of information about wildlife in the Nebraska Sandhills, especially on private rangelands. For example, there is little knowledge about the small mammals of the area and their role in the ecosystem in which they live. Because only three percent of Nebraska is public land (Schneider et. al 2005), private land(More)