Adrienne P Blair

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Planar cell polarity (PCP) is a level of tissue organization in which cells adopt a uniform orientation within the plane of an epithelium. The process of tissue polarization is likely to be initiated by an extracellular gradient. Thus, determining how cells decode and convert this graded information into subcellular asymmetries is key to determining how(More)
We have characterized the gene emperor's thumb (et) and showed that it is required for the regulation of apoptosis in Drosophila. Loss-of-function mutations in et result in apoptosis associated with a decrease in the concentration of DIAP1. Overexpression of one form of et inhibits apoptosis, consistent with et having an anti-apoptotic function; however,(More)
A 10-MVA-scale resonant oscillator, powered by a pulse-forming network and switched with a pair of commutating mercury ignitrons, was developed for the MST reversed-field pinch plasma-confinement experiment. A novel feature of this circuit is its commutation mechanism, wherein each turning on of one ignitron causes a reverse voltage transient that turns off(More)
Oscillating-field current drive (OFCD) is a steady-state magnetic helicity injection method to drive net toroidal current in a plasma by applying oscillating poloidal and toroidal loop voltages. OFCD is added to standard toroidal induction to produce about 10% of the total current in the Madison symmetric torus. The dependence of the added current on the(More)
Oscillating Field Current Drive (OFCD) is an inductive current drive method which could sustain a DC plasma current without magnetizing flux accumulation. Its application in the reversed field pinch (or possibly other magnetic configurations) could provide the means to sustain a steady-state reactor plasma with Ohmic current drive efficiency. We report MST(More)
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