Adrienne Hoffmann

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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this article is to identify the most rotation-stable hindfoot alignment measurement techniques on hindfoot alignment view and long axial view radiographs. MATERIALS AND METHODS Hindfoot alignment was quantified on hindfoot alignment view and long axial view radiographs of a phantom in different rotation positions. Rotation(More)
Lungfish are closely related to terrestrial vertebrates (tetrapoda). Like tetrapods, the South American lungfish (Lepidosiren paradoxa) has central chemoreceptors involved in regulation of acid-base status. However, no data were available on peripheral CO(2)/[H(+)] receptors. Therefore, we tested the hypothesis that such receptors exist by measuring the(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the ability of coronal non-weight-bearing MR images to discriminate between normal and abnormal hindfoot alignment. METHODS Three different measurement techniques (calcaneal axis, medial/lateral calcaneal contour) based on weight-bearing hindfoot alignment radiographs were applied in 49 patients (mean, 48 years; range 21-76(More)
We report the observation of a child born at 38 5/7 weeks' gestation, who presented with marked microcephaly and suffered from persistent intractable epilepsy up to his death at the age of 5 days. Magnetic resonance imaging suggested lissencephaly. But interestingly no submicroscopical deletion in LIS-1 gene could be detected and true lissencephaly could(More)
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