Adrienn Pintér

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To investigate the secretory pattern of somatostatin (SS) from the median eminence (ME) in the female rat, as well as estrogenic influence on this secretion, we measured both SS release and hypothalamic content in cycling, 10-day ovariectomized, and ovariectomized rats treated with estradiol for 3 days before. Animals were stereotaxically implanted with a(More)
Superfused frontal slices of cerebral cortex were preloaded with [3H]-norepinephrine ([3H]NE). Basal [3H]NE efflux and K+-induced [3H]NE release were studied during the estrous cycle and in the presence of neurosteroids. Basal [3H]NE efflux showed estrous cycle-related variations, with lowest values found during estrus and diestrus II. Allopregnanolone(More)
The release of dopamine (DA) from corpus striatum is affected by the endocrine state of the animal being progesterone suggested as a potential hormonal modulatory signal. Most of its actions have been described on endogenous DA release induced by amphetamine. However, the release of DA and the mechanism of the drug effect have been shown to be highly(More)
The effect of progesterone in vitro (0.05-5 microM) on K(+)-induced, Ca(2+)-dependent release of 3H-NE from brain slices obtained from the occipital region of rats, during the oestrous cycle or 7 days after ovariectomy or on the fifth day of pregnancy was studied. The hormone reduced the K+ (20 mM) effect in all the stages of the cycle, but did not modify(More)
The volatile oil compositions of Thymus pannonicus All. from nineteen different localities of Hungary were analyzed by GC/MS. The essential oil content of the Hungarian thyme samples varied between very low (0.14 mL/100 g DW) and fairly high (1.9 mL/100 g DW) values. Significant essential oil polymorphism was found: altogether twelve chemovarieties may have(More)
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