Adrienn Máté

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Joubert syndrome is a clinically and genetically heterogeneous ciliopathy characterized by a typical cerebellar and brainstem malformation (the "molar tooth sign"), and variable multiorgan involvement. To date, 24 genes have been found mutated in Joubert syndrome, of which 13 also cause Meckel syndrome, a lethal ciliopathy with kidney, liver and skeletal(More)
BACKGROUND Pontocerebellar hypoplasia (PCH) represents a group of neurodegenerative disorders with prenatal onset. Eight subtypes have been described thus far (PCH1-8) based on clinical and genetic features. Common characteristics include hypoplasia and atrophy of the cerebellum, variable pontine atrophy, and severe mental and motor impairments. PCH1 is(More)
The spectrum of neurodevelopmental disabilities was studied in a cohort of patients in Hungary. A search for etiologies and assessment of the degree of intellectual disability were carried out. The study included 241 (131 boys) patients. Disability occurred without any prenatal, perinatal, and/or neonatal adverse events in 167 patients. They were classified(More)
BACKGROUND Thalamic gliomas represent a great challenge for neurosurgeons because of the high surgical risk of damaging the surrounding anatomy. Preoperative planning may considerably help the surgeon find the most ideal operative trajectory, avoiding thalamic nuclei and important white matter pathways adjacent to the tumor tissue. Thalamic segmentation is(More)
A small proportion of 4H (Hypomyelination, Hypodontia and Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism) or RNA polymerase III (POLR3)-related leukodystrophy cases are negative for mutations in the previously identified causative genes POLR3A and POLR3B. Here we report eight of these cases carrying recessive mutations in POLR1C, a gene encoding a shared POLR1 and POLR3(More)
The microvascular responses to endothelium-dependent vasodilators (e.g., acetylcholine), endothelium-independent vasodilators (e.g., sodium nitroprusside), and to local heating were studied (for the first time) in adolescents with essential hypertension, grouped according to their body mass index. The forearm microvascular reactivities of thirty-three(More)
We have previously established an fMRI task battery suitable for mapping the language processing network in children. Among the tasks used, the synonyms and the vowel identification task induced robust task-related activations in children with average language abilities; however, the fixed presentation time seems to be a drawback in participants with above-(More)
A 10-year-old boy was referred with developmental delay and dysmorphism. Genomewide aCGH microarray analysis detected a de novo 3.7 Mb deletion at 1q32.1: arr 1q32.1(199,985,888-203,690,832)x1 dn [build HG19]. This first report of a deletion in this region implies a critical role for dosage-sensitive genes within 1q32.1 in neurological development. This is(More)
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