Adrien Vidart

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A new minimally invasive technique using an adjustable implantable material has recently been developed: adjustable periurethral balloons. Initially designed by Uromedica, Inc., Plymouth, MN, USA, they are currently marketed in France by Medtronic (Minneapolis, MN, USA), called ACT (Adjustable Continence Therapy). Given the data reported in the literature(More)
The last two decades have brought about new medical and surgical treatments revolutionizing care for non-neurological urinary incontinence in women. Many studies, often randomized prospective studies with sufficient follow-up, have validated the therapeutic choices and shown them not to be part of a fad or marketing pressures. The French Association of(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the usefulness and applicability of the Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials (CONSORT) for journal articles reporting randomized, controlled trials evaluating single-incision slings in the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence. METHODS Original articles reporting randomized, controlled trials assessing single-incision(More)
Renal carcinoma, the third most common urological cancer, induces presence of metastases in 75% of cases. The most affected sites for metastasis are the lungs, the lymphatic system, bones, the liver, adrenal glands and the brain with sometimes a cancer free period of several years prior to evolutionary recurrence of the disease. The aim of this literature(More)
Apart from damage to bladder innervation, a number of local diseases and treatments such as radiotherapy can induce lower urinary tract functional disorders. Some of these disorders can be treated according to the principles used in the management of neurogenic bladder The purpose of this review is to report the functional consequences of pelvic(More)
INTRODUCTION The never ending debate over the surgical approach of genital prolapse repair (abdominal versus vaginal route) is as passionate as ever. The available literature may support a multidisciplinary analysis of our expert daily practice. OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to define selection criteria for surgical approach between abdominal and vaginal(More)
PURPOSE The authors report the management of a coralliform lithiasis that occurred in a renal allograft in association with a Bricker ureterointestinal anastomosis for urinary diversion. MATERIALS AND METHODS A 58-year-old patient with a significant previous urological history, ie, surgery for childhood incomplete bladder extrophy, trans-ileal Bricker(More)
INTRODUCTION Renal infarction is a rare and often difficult diagnosis. The objective of this study was to demonstrate that contrast-enhanced spiral CT in patients presenting features of renal colic, can establish the diagnosis by confirming the presence of infarction of the renal parenchyma. MATERIAL AND METHODS Over a 10-month period, the authors(More)