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In this paper, a reconfigurable power amplifier (PA) fully integrated in 65-nm CMOS technology, combining Envelope Tracking (ET) and Power Transistor Switching (PTS) techniques, and robust to battery depletion is presented. The main objective of the proposed architecture is to significantly improve the average efficiency in comparison with a stand-alone(More)
Male Fischer or Porton-Wistar rats were exposed for 4 h to different atmospheric concentrations of CCl4 or were given increasing oral doses, of CCl4 in order to estimate isotoxic exposures or doses. Animals were killed 20 h after treatment, their serum glutamic-pyruvic transaminase activities were measured and their livers were processed for histological(More)
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Volatilization of mercury has been observed from various biological media (tissue homogenates, infusion broth, plasma, urine) containing mercuric chloride. That micro-organisms were responsible was indicated by the finding that the rates of volatilization were highly variable, that a latent period often preceded volatilization, that toluene inhibited the(More)