Adrien Nicolas

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We report on an experiment in which orbital angular momentum (OAM) of light is mapped at the single-photon level into and out of a cold atomic ensemble. Based on the dynamic electromagnetically induced transparency protocol, the demonstrated optical memory enables the reversible mapping of Laguerre-Gaussian modes with preserved handedness of the helical(More)
We report the experimental observation of slow-light and coherent storage in a setting where light is tightly confined in the transverse directions. By interfacing a tapered optical nanofiber with a cold atomic ensemble, electromagnetically induced transparency is observed and light pulses at the single-photon level are stored in and retrieved from the(More)
RF-MEMS switches devices are made of moveable and timy structures (beams) that must be encapsulated in order to protect them from harmful environmental influences, to increase their reliability and lifetime. This paper presents a packaging solution based on a micromachined Foturan cap and BCB sealing. In order to validate the packaging technology, RF switch(More)
This paper presents a study on multiphysics software reliability provided by COMSOL and ANSYS. The goal is to give an overview about the fundamentals of how to set up RF simulations, mechanical contact and residual stress through three examples chosen as the main key points in order to make in the future a highly coupled model of the RF MEMS switches(More)
The presence of pollution layer on HV insulators is very In the case of polluted insulator, Fig. 1, we assume that the frequent in industrial and coastal regions. This pollution layer when combined with moisture becomes conductive and a charge density is zero in the air domain Q1 whose relative leakaee current flows through it. D~ bands can auuear and the(More)
We have shown experimentally, in a real-world setting, that it is possible to use two beams of incoherent radio waves, transmitted on the same frequency but encoded in two different orbital angular momentum states, to simultaneously transmit two independent radio channels. This novel radio technique allows the implementation of, in principle, an infinite(More)
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