Adrien Musuku

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A new method development and validation approach is proposed in order to develop a reliable method for the simultaneous quantitation of ramipril and ramiprilat in the presence of numerous labile metabolites. This new approach involves the usage of a synthesized labile acyl glucuronide of ramipril as well as individual and pooled incurred (study) samples in(More)
The current approach in regulated LC-MS bioanalysis, which evaluates the precision and trueness of an assay separately, has long been criticized for inadequate balancing of lab-customer risks. Accordingly, different total error approaches have been proposed. The aims of this research were to evaluate the aforementioned risks in reality and the difference(More)
Paxilline was isolated from Penicillium paxilli (NRRL 6110). It was studied together with penitrem B and verruculogen in the electrically stimulated guinea pig ileum. All three mycotoxins enhanced the electrically induced twitch contractions, without influencing the contractions provoked by exogenous acetylcholine. The effect of the mycotoxins could be(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To determine levels of alcohol and drugs of abuse in weekend drivers injured in car crashes. METHODS This study was the first systematic drug and alcohol testing of blood and urine samples of drivers injured in weekend car crashes in Belgium. Five collaborating hospital in Flanders participated. All injured weekend drivers admitted to the(More)
Linear calibration is usually performed using eight to ten calibration concentration levels in regulated LC-MS bioanalysis because a minimum of six are specified in regulatory guidelines. However, we have previously reported that two-concentration linear calibration is as reliable as or even better than using multiple concentrations. The purpose of this(More)
Internal standard (IS) responses can directly impact the accuracy of reported concentrations in bioanalysis as the majority of LC-MS/MS methods are based on analyte/IS response ratios for quantitation. Due to the complexity of incurred sample matrices and drug formulation, variable IS responses are quite common upon applying a validated method to the(More)
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