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This paper describes an original method for speech quality evaluation in the presence of different types of background noises for a range of communications (mobile, VoIP, RTC). The model is obtained from subjective experiments described in [1]. These experiments show that background noise can be more or less tolerated by listeners, depending on the sources(More)
Impairment of the left ventricular ejection induced by a mitral prosthesis remains an infrequent complication, perhaps because it often is unrecognized. This complication would mainly be seen with ball prostheses or standard bioprosthesis used in mitral valve replacements with a small ventricle. Two cases have been recently reported during mitral valve(More)
Continuous sutures are generally used to perform anastomoses on vessels less than 2 mm in diameter, but some surgeons advocate interrupted sutures which they claim cause less stenosis and provide better vascular potency in the long term. Arteriovenous fistula for chronic haemodialysis is a good model of anastomosis on 1 to 2 mm wide vessels. We used this(More)
The authors report the results of a retrospective therapeutic survey concerning 176 cases of rhizomelic pseudopolyarthritis (RPP) and 66 cases of temporal arteritis (TA). Of 128 cases of RPP treated initially by synthetic anti-malarials (SAM) and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAI), 66 were followed up until cure which was obtained after a mean of(More)
Intratubular bodies are not rarely to be found in testicles of children. They are 5 times more freqlently noticed scrotal ones. These storages frequently cause a swelling of the tubuli seminiferi, which are thatswhy called as Ringtubuli. With the help of the fluorescence - and polarisation microscopy and the laser microspectrochemical analysis examinations(More)
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