Adrien Joly

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Sport video data is growing rapidly as a result of the maturing digital technologies that support digital video capture, faster data processing, and large storage. However, (1) semi-automatic content extraction and annotation, (2) scalable indexing model, and (3) effective retrieval and browsing, still pose the most challenging problems for maximizing the(More)
In April 2010, we conducted a survey towards 256 users of real-time microblogging platforms, mostly Twitter users, in order to analyze the usage and impact of those platforms. In this report, we present the results of this survey, and discuss their explanation and possible usage improvements towards reducing information overload and interruptions. 1 Results(More)
These times, when the amount of information exponentially grows on the Internet, when most people can be connected at all times with powerful personal devices, we need to enhance, adapt, and simplify access to information and communication with other people. The vision of ambient intelligence which is a relevant response to this need brings many challenges(More)
In this paper, we propose a framework to improve the relevance of awareness information about people and subjects, by adapting recommendation techniques to real-time web data, in order to reduce information overload. The novelty of our approach relies on the use of contextual information about people’s current activities to rank social updates which they(More)
Le Web 2.0 à apporté un nouveau cadre de partage et de création collaborative de connaissances. De ce cadre ont notamment émergé de nouveaux usages de communication, tels que sur les sites de réseaux sociaux, dont les notables Facebook et Twitter. Cet écosystème permet à ses participants de se sentir plus proches de ses contacts, de propager des nouvelles(More)
On the so-called Web 2.0, numerous Social Networking Sites (SNS) have known a tremendous success as they brought new ways to communicate, interact, learn about people, and share content with them. Besides improving informal social ties, transposing Awareness to the enterprise is very promising for promoting collaboration. However, it can easily lead to(More)
At a time when social media revolutionize the exchange of information between users of the Web 2.0, many enterprises are still applying older collaboration paradigms. Following the explosion of blogs and social sharing services on the Internet, some companies are beginning to catch up with these trends, but not all employees are familiar with these new(More)
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