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Exploring virtual environment with immersive metaphor is still largely unexplored, with the costly CAVE exception. This question takes importance in lots of fields, such as fluid mechanics, where space and time resolved dataset become more and more common. For that reason, we present an interaction design study of an window exploration metaphor, for large(More)
Designating targets, such as elementary primitives (e.g., vertices, edges and faces) or complex objects (e.g., 3D objects and structures), to a partner in Collaborative Virtual Environments is a real challenge in different applications. In fact, the communication constraints in such environments limit the understanding of the partner's actions, which lead(More)
The fingertips are one of the most important and sensitive parts of our body. They are the first stimulated areas of the hand when we interact with our environment. Providing haptic feedback to the fingertips in virtual reality could, thus, drastically improve perception and interaction with virtual environments. In this paper, we present a modular approach(More)