Adrie J. M. Beulens

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In this paper an approach to design information systems for traceability is proposed. The paper applies gozinto graph modelling for traceability of the goods flow. A gozinto graph represents a graphical listing of raw materials, parts, intermediates and subassemblies, which a process transforms into an end product, through a sequence of operations. Next,(More)
In food supply networks, ensuring quality of end products is a critical issue. The quality of these products depends in a complex way on many factors. In order to effectively control food quality, our research aims at implementing early warning and proactive control systems in food supply networks. In these systems we use data mining techniques and exploit(More)
Multi-agent Systems (MAS) offer a conceptual approach to include multi-actor decision making into models of land use change. The main goal is to explore the use of MAS to simulate spatial scenarios based on modelling multi-actor decision-making within a spatial planning process. We demonstrate MAS that consists of agents representing organizations and(More)
Key challenge for mastering high uncertainty of both demand and supply is to attune products and business processes in the entire supply chain continuously to customer requirements. Product configurators have proven to be powerful tools for managing demand uncertainty. This paper assesses how configurators can be used for combined product and process(More)
This paper presents a method for modelling the dynamic behaviour of food supply chains and evaluating alternative designs of the supply chain by applying discrete-event simulation. The modelling method is based on the concepts of business processes, design variables at strategic and operational levels, performance indicators, and business entities, as these(More)