Adrie C. M. Dumay

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Foreshortening of vessel segments in angiographic (biplane) projection images may cause misinterpretation of the extent and degree of coronary artery disease. The views in which the object of interest are visualized with minimum foreshortening are called optimal views. The authors present a complete approach to obtain such views with computer-assisted(More)
OBJECTIVE E-health may enable the empowerment process for patients, particularly the chronically ill. However, e-health is not always designed with the requirements of patient empowerment in mind. Drawing on evidence-based e-health studies, we propose directions for best practices to develop e-health that promotes patient empowerment. METHODS The concept(More)
BACKGROUND A locum practitioner is an out-of-hours general practitioner who needs access to the electronic health record of visiting patients. The electronic locum record is a summary of the electronic health record available to the locum practitioner and includes the most significant health problems, the most recent records of the patient's visits to the(More)
  • A C Dumay
  • Technology and health care : official journal of…
  • 1995
Virtual Environments allow a human to interact with a (computer) system in such a way that a high level of presence in a computer-synthesised world is experienced. In principle, all human senses are involved with the interaction. Many applications may benefit from this type of human-machine interfacing, however, few have emerged so far for medicine. In this(More)
A standard is a set of agreements between all parties involved. Delivering healthcare is a matter of co-operation: healthcare can only be delivered in a responsible fashion when parties involved comply to standards. This becomes evident when a healthcare information infrastructure is under development. The authors deliver a comprehensive introduction to(More)
The minimally invasive nature of endoscopic surgery allows operations to be performed on patients through small incisions, often under local anaesthesia. Patient recovery times and cosmetic detriment are thus greatly reduced, while overall quality of care is improved. Presently, surgeons are trained to perform endosurgical procedures in a number of ways:(More)
The assessment of coronary flow reserve from the instantaneous distribution of the contrast agent within the coronary vessels and myocardial muscle at the control state and at maximal flow has been limited by the superimposition of myocardial regions of interest in the two-dimensional images. To overcome these limitations, we are in the process of(More)
For clinical decision-making and documentation purposes we have developed techniques to extract, label and analyze the coronary vasculature from arteriograms in an automated, quantitative manner. Advanced image processing techniques were applied to extract and analyze the vasculatures from non-subtracted arteriograms while artificial intelligence techniques(More)
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) assist healthcare professionals in the process of diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, medication prescription, referral, information retrieval and communication, documentation and transactions. This applies to intramural, transmural and extramural conditions. About 67% of patients involved in safety incidents(More)