Adrianus C. J. M. de Bruijn

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BACKGROUND & AIMS Expression of mucin MUC2, the structural component of the colonic mucus layer, is lowered in inflammatory bowel disease. Our aim was to obtain insight in the role of Muc2 in epithelial protection. METHODS Muc2 knockout (Muc2(-/-)) and Muc2 heterozygous (Muc2(+/-)) mice were characterized and challenged by a colitis-inducing agent,(More)
We examined whether changes in the gut microbiota induced by clinically relevant interventions would impact the bioavailability of dietary amino acids in neonates. We tested the hypothesis that modulation of the gut microbiota in neonatal pigs receiving no treatment (control), intravenously administered antibiotics, or probiotics affects whole body nitrogen(More)
OBJECTIVES Information on epithelial functions of the residual small or colonic bowel after resection for necrotising enterocolitis (NEC) in human infants is scarce. Our aim is to evaluate epithelial functions in the intestinal resection margins of tissue obtained at bowel resection for acute NEC and consecutive stoma closure. MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND Mucin Muc2 is the structural component of the intestinal mucus layer. Absence of Muc2 leads to loss of this layer allowing direct bacterial-epithelial interactions. We hypothesized that absence of the mucus layer leads to increased expression of innate defense peptides. Specifically, we aimed to study the consequence of Muc2 deficiency(More)
Threonine is an essential amino acid necessary for synthesis of intestinal (glyco)proteins such as mucin MUC2 to maintain adequate gut barrier function. In premature infants, reduced barrier function may contribute to the development of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Human milk protects against NEC compared with infant formula. Therefore, we hypothesized(More)
BACKGROUND Palmitic-acid esterified to the sn-1,3 positions of the glycerol backbone (alpha, alpha'-palmitate), the predominant palmitate conformation in regular infant formula fat, is poorly absorbed and might cause abdominal discomfort. In contrast, palmitic-acid esterified to the sn-2 position (beta-palmitate), the main palmitate conformation in human(More)
BACKGROUND The intestine plays a key role in the absorption of dietary proteins, which determines growth of human neonates. Bowel resection in the neonatal period brings loss of absorptive and protective surface and may consequently lead to malabsorption of dietary nutrients. However, there are no data on net dietary protein absorption of the small(More)
Mucin 2 (MUC2) is the structural component of the intestinal protective mucus layer, which contains high amounts of threonine in its peptide backbone. MUC2 synthesis rate might be a potential parameter for intestinal barrier function. In this study, we aimed to determine whether systemic threonine was used for small intestinal MUC2 synthesis and to(More)
BACKGROUND Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress and activation of the unfolded protein response (UPR) play important roles in chronic intestinal inflammation. Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is the most common gastrointestinal emergency in preterm infants and is characterized by acute intestinal inflammation and necrosis. The objective of the study is to(More)