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One of the major difficulties faced by those who are fitted with prosthetic devices is the great mental effort needed during the first stages of training. When working with myoelectric prosthesis, that effort increases dramatically. In this sense, the authors decided to devise a mechanism to help patients during the learning stages, without actually having(More)
We have now sufficient evidence that using electrical biosignals in the field of Alternative and Augmented Communication is feasible. Additionally, they are particularly suitable in the case of people with severe motor impairment, e.g. people with high-level spinal cord injury or with locked-up syndrome. Developing solutions for them implies that we find(More)
Tremor is a clinical feature characterized by oscillations of a part of the body. The detection and study of tremor is an important step in investigations seeking to explain underlying control strategies of the central nervous system under natural (or physiological) and pathological conditions. It is well established that tremorous activity is composed of(More)
BACKGROUND The human body adopts a number of strategies to maintain an upright position. The analysis of the human balance allows for the understanding and identification of such strategies. The displacement of the centre of pressure (COP) is a measure that has been successfully employed in studies regarding the postural control. Most of these(More)
Pain is a subjective and individual sensation causing major discomfort. So, it is necessary to put into practice methods to objectively quantify it. Several studies indicate that evoked potentials (EP) generate responses which may reflect painful processes. This study reports the results of the application of two different protocols by using biopotentials(More)
Accidents happen and unfortunately people may loose part of their body members. Studies have shown that in this case, most individuals suffer physically and psychologically. For this reason, actions to restore the patient's freedom and mobility are imperative. Traditional solutions require ways to adapt the individual to prosthetic devices. This idea is(More)
BACKGROUND The main problem of tremor is the damage caused to the quality of the life of patients, especially those at more advanced ages. There is not a consensus yet about the origins of this disorder, but it can be examined in the correlations between the biological signs of aging and the tremor characteristics. METHODS This work sought correlations(More)