Adriano Z. Zambom

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OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to determine whether oral supplementation with L-glutamine (GLN) modifies the gut microbiota composition in overweight and obese adults. METHODS Thirty-three overweight and obese adults, ages between 23 and 59 y and body mass index between 25.03 and 47.12 kg/m(2), were randomly assigned to receive either oral(More)
This paper describes an efficient algorithm to find a smooth trajectory joining two points A and B with minimum length constrained to avoid fixed subsets. The basic assumption is that the locations of the obstacles are measured several times through a mechanism that corrects the sensors at each reading using the previous observation. The proposed algorithm(More)
One of the biggest challenges in nonparametric regression is the curse of dimensionality. Additive models are known to overcome this problem by estimating only the individual additive effects of each covariate. However, if the model is misspecified, the accuracy of the estimator compared to the fully nonparametric one is unknown. In this work the efficiency(More)
Running inference algorithms on a huge quantity of data knows some perturbations and looses performance. One of Big Data aims is the design of fast inference algorithms able to extract hidden information on a big quantity of data. This paper proposes a new low complexity algorithm for probability density estimation given partial observations. In order to(More)
In real-time trajectory planning for unmanned vehicles, on-board sensors, radars and other instruments are used to collect information on possible obstacles to be avoided and pathways to be followed. Since, in practice, observations of the sensors have measurement errors, the stochasticity of the data has to be incorporated into the models. In this paper,(More)
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