Adriano Torri

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The first isolation of Catabacter hongkongensis in Italy is reported. Pleomorphic Gram-positive rods were grown in blood cultures from samples obtained from a 55-year-old patient admitted to the intensive care unit with sepsis after he experienced massive thoracic and abdominal trauma. The identification was obtained by amplification and sequencing of the(More)
The aim of the present work is to propose a prototype simulation of a hospital ward which permits the study of the workload and task distribution among nursing and auxiliary personnel. In our study, we took both X a generic ward in a complex healthcare structure (University Hospital “Federico II” - Naples, Italy) and a case study of a hospital(More)
The Healthcare Sector represents a particular system in which the rules of purchasing and resale do not follow the functional paradigms characterizing commercial systems. Therefore, the rules used to deal with the classic business management systems cannot be applied for managing purpose in the Healthcare sector without apposite modifications. For this(More)
In Europe Health Organizations are progressively modifying their management models to rationalize expenditure in order to assure better levels of effectiveness and efficiency: many countries are going to centralize the management of goods and services supply. In this paper a specific model of centralized purchasing is proposed; it is particularly suitable(More)
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