Adriano Sfriso

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Heterogeneity in renal structure has been described in type 2 diabetic patients with both microalbuminuria and proteinuria; in fact, only a subset of type 2 diabetic patients have the typical diabetic glomerulopathy. However, it is currently unknown whether abnormalities in albumin excretion rate (AER) have a different renal prognostic value depending on(More)
Data on nutrient concentrations and environmental parameters, recorded in the waters of the entire Venice lagoon (165 sites) in July 2003 and in two stations monthly sampled for two years (, are reported in order to compare the trophic conditions with the past situation. In summer 2003 the dissolved inorganic nitrogen varied between 0.66 and 41.2 µM,(More)
A detailed review of harmful algal blooms (HAB) in northern Adriatic Sea lagoons (Po River Delta and Venice lagoon) is presented to provide "updated reference conditions" for future research and monitoring activities. In the study areas, the high mollusc production requires the necessity to identify better methods able to prevent risks for human health and(More)
This paper provides an updated account of the occurrence and abundance of non-indigenous species (NIS) in an area of high risk of introduction: the Lagoon of Venice (Italy). This site is a known hotspot of NIS introductions within the Mediterranean Sea, hosting all the most important vectors of introduction of marine NIS—shipping, recreational boating,(More)
The goals of conservation and sustainable use of environmental ecosystems have increased the need for detailed knowledge of ecological evolution and responses to both anthropogenic pressures and recovery measures. The present study shows the effects of natural processes and planned intervention in terms of reducing nutrient inputs in a highly exploited(More)
Three different strains of filamentous cyanobacteria, Tychonema, Limnothrix, and Pseudoanabaena, were selected among the fastest growing taxa collected in the salt marshes of Venice Lagoon and were grown in laboratory for growth rate determination and biochemical characterization of chlorophyll-a, total proteins, total carbohydrates, and exopolysaccharides.(More)
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