Adriano R. Lima

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We present a model to describe the collective motion of barchan dunes in a field. Our model is able to reproduce the observation that a typical dune stays confined within a stripe. We also obtain some of the pattern structures which ressemble those observed from aerial photos which we do analyse and compare with the specific field of Laâyounne.
  • A R Lima, P M C De Oliveira, T J P Penna
  • 2008
We discuss the conceptual differences between the Broad Histogram (BHM) and reweighting methods in general, and particularly the so-called Multi-canonical (MUCA) approaches. The main difference is that BHM is based on microcanonical, fixed-energy averages which depends only on the good statistics taken inside each energy level. The detailed distribution of(More)
BACKGROUND Early life social adversity can influence stress response mechanisms and is associated with anxious behaviour and reductions in callosal area later in life. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the association between perceptions of parental bonding in childhood/adolescence, hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis response, and callosal structural integrity(More)
In this paper we apply the multicanonical method of statistical physics on the number partitioning problem (NPP). This problem is a basic NP-hard problem from computer science, and can be formulated as a spin-glass problem. We compute the spectral degeneracy, which gives us information about the number of solutions for a given cost E and cardinality(More)
In this letter we propose the use of physics techniques for entropy determination on constrained parameter optimization problems. The main feature of such techniques, the construction of an unbiased walk on energy space, suggests their use on the quest for optimal solutions of an optimization problem. Moreover, the entropy, and its associated density of(More)
We apply the Broad Histogram Method to an Ising system in the context of the recently reformulated Generalized Thermostatistics, and we claim it to be a very efficient simulation tool for this non-extensive statistics. Results are obtained for the nearest-neighbour version of the Ising model for a range of values of the q parameter of Generalized(More)
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