Adriano Podestà

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Polyclonal antisera raised against two different azobenzoyl-oestrone derivatives were analysed to investigate both the latency/intensity relationship of the immune response and the influence of antigen presentation on the specificity of the antisera elicited. Elongation of the azo-bridge of the hapten ([p(carboxyphenyl)-azo]-1,3,5[10]- oestratrien-3 ol-17(More)
Organocatalysis, which is mostly explored for its new potential industrial applications, also represents a chemical event involved in endogenous processes. In the present study, we provide the first evidence that imidazole and imidazole derivatives have cholinesterase-like properties since they can accelerate the hydrolysis of acetylthiocholine and(More)
In the search of factors responsible for the experimental difficulties in developing accurate and sensitive solid-phase immunoassay of steroids, an experimental model has been set up for the study of nonspecific interaction of the steroid analyte with the coating protein. Along with the development of a highly sensitive enzyme-linked, solid-phase(More)
An immunosorbent technique was developed to attenuate cross-reactivity of a polyclonal antiserum against a 4(2) (rho-carboxyphenylazo)-1,3,5[10]-estratrien-3,16 alpha,17 beta-triol-bovine serum albumin conjugate. The chromatographic separation of antiserum through stationary phases having either rho(carboxymethyl)phenylazo-phenol or(More)
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