Adriano Pietrinferni

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This paper is the 4th in a series describing the latest additions to the BaSTI stellar evolution database, which consists of a large set of homogeneous models and tools for population synthesis studies, covering ages between 30 Myr and ∼20 Gyr and 11 values of Z (total metallicity). Here we present a new set of low and high resolution synthetic spectra(More)
Having shown in a recent paper that the main sequence of ω Centauri is split into two distinct branches, we now present spectroscopic results showing that the bluer sequence is less metal-poor. We have carefully combined GIRAFFE@VLT spectra of 17 stars on each side of the split into a single spectrum for each branch, with adequate S/N to show clearly that(More)
We propose a zero-point photometric calibration of the data from the ACS/WFC on board the Hubble Space Telescope, based on a spectrum of Vega and the most up to date in-flight transmission curves of the camera. This calibration is accurate at the level of a few hundredths of a magnitude. The main purpose of this effort is to transform the entire set of(More)
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