Adriano Namo Cury

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OBJECTIVE Cigarette smoking is a well-recognized risk factor of Graves' disease and, particularly, Graves' ophthalmopathy. Hence, germline polymorphisms of detoxification genes and genes belonging to the major DNA repair-apoptosis pathways might have an important role in disease susceptibility. In addition, as some of these genes are regulated by thyroid(More)
Data from the National Cancer Institute and from the literature have disclosed an increasing incidence of thyroid cancer in children, adolescents and adults. Although children and adolescents with thyroid cancer tend to present with more advanced disease than adults, their overall survival rate is excellent; however, there is no clear explanation for the(More)
OBJECTIVE This study sought to compare patients with thyroid eye disease (TED) and normal controls with respect to the expression of the NR3C1, CHUK, IKBKB, FOS, NFKB and HSD11B1 genes in orbital fat (OF) and extraocular muscle (EOM). DESIGN AND METHODS A prospective study design was used to evaluate 34 TED patients and 38 healthy controls. OF was(More)
UNLABELLED Graves's disease is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism. There are three current therapeutic options: anti-thyroid medication, surgery, and radioactive iodine (I 131). There are few data in the literature regarding the effects of radioiodine therapy on the larynx and voice. The aim and the AIM os this study was: to assess the effect of(More)