Adriano Mesquita Alencar

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Increases in the low attenuation areas (LAA) of chest x-ray computed tomography images in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) have been reported to reflect the development of pathological emphysema. We examined the statistical properties of LAA clusters in COPD patients and in healthy subjects. In COPD patients, the percentage of the(More)
8 Cerling et al. reply — Köhler et al. suggest that phenomena other than floral change may be involved in the late Miocene global vegetation change, such as monsoonal dynamics or unnamed “other factors”. Citing evidence from Spain and Pakistan, they do not believe that there is necessarily a synchronicity or a causal link between faunal and vegetation(More)
The mean linear intercept (L(m)) can be used to estimate the surface area for gas exchange in the lung. However, in recent years, it is most commonly used as an index for characterizing the enlargement of airspaces in emphysema and the associated severity of structural destruction in the lung. Specifically, an increase in L(m) is thought to result from an(More)
Variable or noisy ventilation, which includes random breath-to-breath variations in tidal volume (Vt) and frequency, has been shown to consistently improve blood oxygenation during mechanical ventilation in various models of acute lung injury. To further understand the effects of variable ventilation on lung physiology and biology, we mechanically(More)
We analyze a sequence of short transient sound waves, called "crackles," which are associated with explosive openings of airways during lung inflation. The distribution of time intervals between consecutive crackles Delta(t) shows two regimes of power law behavior. We develop an avalanche model which fits the data over five decades of Delta(t). We find that(More)
We study the distribution Pi(n)(D) of airway diameters D as a function of generation N in asymmetric airway trees of mammalian lungs. We find that the airway bifurcations are self-similar in four species studied. Specifically, the ratios of diameters of the major and minor daughters to their parent are constants independent of N until a cutoff diameter is(More)
The spectral analysis of crackles sounds has been carried out based on the assumption that they are stationary signals, and the majority of the work on the crackles was accomplished before the publication of the Computerized Respiratory Sound Analysis (CORSA) guidelines. This works characterizes crackles acquired from patients with fibrosis, heart failure,(More)
Collagen and elastin are thought to dominate the elasticity of the connective tissue including lung parenchyma. The glycosaminoglycans on the proteoglycans may also play a role because osmolarity of interstitial fluid can alter the repulsive forces on the negatively charged glycosaminoglycans, allowing them to collapse or inflate, which can affect the(More)
Cell mechanical properties on a whole cell basis have been widely studied, whereas local intracellular variations have been less well characterized and are poorly understood. To fill this gap, here we provide detailed intracellular maps of regional cytoskeleton (CSK) stiffness, loss tangent, and rate of structural rearrangements, as well as their(More)
The structure and the functioning of cardio-pulmonary system is complex and statistical physics appear to be suitable for their characterization. In this review, we examine scaling in cardio-pulmonary physiology. The focus will be on the interpretation of scaling behaviors and their relation to structure-function in the normal and diseased cardio-pulmonary(More)