Adriano Mendonça Souza

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Since natural substances like pseudoxanthins exert a positive effect on the cellulogenic ability of Acetobacter xylinum when producing cellulosic pellicles suitable for skin burn therapy, new defined and complex modulators were sought. Ca2+ and Mg2+ (4 mM) were strongly stimulatory. Na+ had no effect and K+ was inhibitory. Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate(More)
This work presents a comparative study of the performance of the cumulative sum (CuSum), as well as the exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA) control charts. The objective of this research is to verify when CuSum and EWMA control charts do the best control region, in order to detect small changes in the process average. Starting from the data of a(More)
With the increasing devastation of the tropical rain forest, there is a critical need to understand how animal forest communities are structured and how habitat degradation will affect these communities. We conducted a field survey to investigate the microhabitat preferences of two co-occurring species of scorpions (Tityus pusillus and Ananteris mauryi) in(More)
The main purpose of this research is to implement a multivariate feedback adjustment proportional to the last deviation from the target, in the set of variables wandering around the target. To apply the controller equation it will be necessary to study the exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA) statistic, in order to determine the behavior of the(More)
The main purpose of this paper is to verify the stability of a productive process in the presence of the effects of autocorrelation and volatility, in order to capture these characteristics by a joint forecast model which produces residuals that are evaluated by a control chart based on variable control limits. The methodology employed will be the joint(More)
The statement that the habitat complexity and structure govern the abundance and diversity of biological communities has been widely investigated. In this context, we assumed the hypothesis of habitat heterogeneity, that is, the higher habitat complexity leads to greater diversity of Odonata. In addition, we analyzed the influence of habitat structure on(More)
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