Adriano M. Souza

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(UFSM) – 97105-900 – Santa Maria – RS – Brazil ABSTRACT Opportunistic Networks are able to exploit social behavior to create connectivity opportunities. This paradigm uses pair-wise contacts for routing messages between nodes. In this context we investigated if the " six degrees of separation " conjecture of small-world networks can be used as a basis to(More)
We present a computational scheme for extracting the energy-level alignment of a metal/molecule interface, based on constrained density functional theory and local exchange and correlation functionals. The method, applied here to benzene on Li(100), allows us to evaluate charge-transfer energies, as well as the spatial distribution of the image charge(More)
The main purpose of this paper is to verify the stability of a productive process in the presence of the effects of autocorrelation and volatility, in order to capture these characteristics by a joint forecast model which produces residuals that are evaluated by a control chart based on variable control limits. The methodology employed will be the joint(More)
Cities are involving towards intelligent dynamic infrastructures that serve citizens with new services to improve their quality of life and to fulfill the criteria of energy efficiency and sustainability. In this context, an important question is how to instrument citizens and cities to promote the sensing of data about different aspects. In this work, we(More)
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