Adriano M. Alencar

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We study the distribution Pi(n)(D) of airway diameters D as a function of generation N in asymmetric airway trees of mammalian lungs. We find that the airway bifurcations are self-similar in four species studied. Specifically, the ratios of diameters of the major and minor daughters to their parent are constants independent of N until a cutoff diameter is(More)
We study an invasion percolation process on Cayley trees and find that the dynamics of perimeter growth is strongly dependent on the nature of the invasion process, as well as on the underlying tree structure. We apply this process to model the inflation of the lung in the airway tree, where crackling sounds are generated when airways open. We define the(More)
We investigated the relationship between the microscopic elastic and hysteretic behavior of the alveolar walls and the macroscopic mechanical properties of the whole lung in an in vivo elastase-treated rat model of emphysema. We measured the input impedance of isolated lungs at three levels of transpulmonary pressure (Ptp) and used a linear model to(More)
We analyze the problem of fluid transport through a model system relevant to the inflation of a mammalian lung, an asymmetric bifurcating structure containing random blockages that can be removed by the pressure of the fluid itself. We obtain a comprehensive description of the fluid flow in terms of the topology of the structure and the mechanisms which(More)
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