Adriano Lobo

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A b s t r a c t In this paper, we describe two methods for efficiently simulating the response of a microphone to a moving talker in a rectangular room. Both methods are based on an extension of the image method to moving sources. In the first method, the microphone output signal is obtained by performing a time-domain filtering operation on the original(More)
The performance of two noise reduction algorithms is evaluated using 14 subjects fitted with the Clarion S-Series and Clarion I1 implant devices. The first algorithm, based on signal subspace principles, is used for pre-processing sentences embedded in +5 dB noise. The second algorithm is based on the subtraction of the noisy speech envelopes from an(More)
A full understanding of many unconventional hydrocarbon resources is not possible because either there are no datasets or only incomplete or unevaluated. Some resources do not even have datasets from wells that have been drilled for exploration purposes. Specifically, unevaluated information on coal, tight gas, shale gas and gas hydrates, is delaying use of(More)
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