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We described a case of pregnancy, delivery and peurperium of 28 years old multipara with twins pregnancy in bicornuate, unicollis uterus. Each fetus was placed in separate horn of uterus. Biological mature pregnancy was delivered by cesarean section. During the peurperium the involution disturbances of one of the uterus horns were observed. The case was(More)
Keratoacanthoma is a lesion typical crater, symmetrical, rounded, rapid growth with high potential for self-involution. The lesions may be multiple, disseminated and associated with some syndromes. The etiology of keratoacanthoma is not known, but it is often observed in patients chronically exposed to sun. Histopathological features of keratoacanthoma may(More)
The clinical manifestations of herpes simplex virus (HSV-1 and -2) are found in both immunocompetent patients and in those immunocompromised. However, the typical lesions observed among immunosuppressed patients usually become more severe, long-lasting and require different interventions in individuals whose immune systems can not limit the infection.(More)
The present study aims to estimate the prevalence of bifid mandibular canals in patients treated at the Dental Clinic of the Federal University of Paraná, Brazil. The sample consisted of 3,024 panoramic radiographs from male (n = 1,155) and female (n = 1,869) patients (mean age 30 years). An experienced radiologist analyzed the panoramic radiographs(More)
Nutrition in the third trimester in women from small town in lubuski district was improper. Energy, minerals and vitamins intake were below safe levels of the Polish RDA, only fat intake was above. Women with low protein intake (below 90% safe level of Polish RDA) consumed simultaneously significantly less energy, minerals and vitamins (except vitamin A, E(More)
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