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Framework consists of software's construction technique which facilitates the reuse of analysis, design, code and tests. This article presents a proposal for objects-oriented Framework's construction for Virtual Reality (VR) applications on medical training, propitiating the most efficient and faster development of applications in this area. The initial(More)
This paper presents part of the implementation of a Virtual Reality (VR) framework, involving the building of an interaction module with support to conventional and non-conventional devices, and the evaluation of a system prototype, considering computational and human aspects. The proposal of the evaluation is to improve the framework, and consequently, the(More)
This paper presents applications that simulate biopsy exams developed by using a object-oriented framework that uses Virtual Reality techniques, named ViMeT (Virtual Medical Training). This framework has functionalities as deformation, colision detection, stereoscopy and interaction with modeled syntetic objects. The main obtained results are presented by(More)
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