Adriano Augliera

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This study investigates the main functional features of subepithelial (SE) B cells and compares them with those of purified germinal center (GC) and follicular mantle (FM) B cells isolated from the same tonsils. Unlike FM B cells, SE B cells failed to produce polyspecific antibodies in vitro; unlike GC B cells, SE B cells expressed high levels of Bcl-2 and(More)
This study describes the purification of a subset of tonsillar B cells which share phenotypic, morphologic and cytochemical features with subepithelial (SE) B cells. These cells, which represented the 5-10% of the total tonsillar B cells, were found in the Percoll gradient fraction of highest density, together with resting follicular mantle (FM) B cells.(More)
Dendrosomes prepared from substantia nigra are able to take up and release [3H]dopamine in a Ca2+-dependent manner. The Vmax values of [3H]dopamine uptake in substantia nigra dendrosomes was about 5 times lower than that in caudate putamen synaptosomes. The pattern of the K+-dependency of the [3H]dopamine release in substantia nigra dendrosomes was(More)
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