Adrianne K. Thompson

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The relevant literature concerning human dipylidiasis has been reviewed with specific reference to the association of children and their pet dog and cats. A specific case is recounted which is considered to be typical of the condition as encountered by pediatricians and general practitioners.
Adequate interpretation of a cervical, thoracic, or lumbar spine MR imaging examination includes a careful evaluation of the bone marrow. Detecting an abnormality in bone marrow may cause a diagnostic dilemma because the marrow in the spine can vary in appearance according to the patient's age, and can be affected by infectious, inflammatory, metabolic, and(More)
A high signal intensity cleft between the labrum and articular cartilage of the posterior glenoid is commonly visible on MRI and has been suggested to be anatomic variation [3, 10, 23]. The association of a posterior cleft with variations in glenoid morphology or with shoulder instability is unknown. The purposes of this study were to determine if posterior(More)
This article is intended for the clinician charged with either diagnosing or treating patients with lower extremity symptoms thought to be of musculoskeletal etiology. It gives a brief overview of the imaging techniques that can be utilized, common pathology, and certain pearls and pitfalls that may be encountered in both ordering and interpreting lower(More)
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