Adriann Combs

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PURPOSE This article is one of the standardization documents of the International Children's Continence Society, and discusses how anatomical/iatrogenic and functional/urodynamic causes of daytime incontinence in children of all ages are to be diagnosed, how neurogenic bladder dysfunction or urinary tract infection is excluded as a cause of the wetting, and(More)
This article outlines outside principles of emergency and disaster planning for neonatal intensive care units and includes resources available to organizations to support planning and education, and considerations for nurses developing hospital-specific neonatal intensive care unit disaster plans. Hospital disaster preparedness programs and unit-specific(More)
The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is a high-stress environment for both families and health care providers that can sometimes make appropriate medical decisions challenging. We present a review article of non-medical barriers to effective decision making in the NICU, including: miscommunication, mixed messages, denial, comparative social and cultural(More)
BACKGROUND Extrauterine growth restriction (EUGR) is inversely related to neurodevelopmental outcome. We analyzed growth outcomes and enteral nutrition practices among preterm infants at New York State (NYS) regional perinatal centers (RPCs) to identify practices associated with risk of EUGR. METHODS Surviving infants < 31 weeks' gestation admitted to a(More)