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The anatomy of the double or bifid zygomaticus major muscle is investigated in a series of 50 hemifacial cadaver dissections. The double zygomaticus major muscle represents an anatomical variation of this muscle of facial expression. This bifid muscle originates as a single structure from the zygomatic bone. As it travels anteriorly, it then divides at the(More)
The contribution of maxillary retrusion to the formation of the nasolabial fold is evaluated in the present study. Clinical observation of patients from the craniofacial unit with concomitant maxillary retrusion revealed prominent signs of midfacial aging: specifically these individuals displayed a prominent nasolabial fold at an early age. This observation(More)
OBJECTIVE A survey was undertaken to document the clinical management of T3 and T4 pure glottic primary carcinomas and the management of the N0 neck by otolaryngologists and radiation oncologists. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING This study represents the results of a national survey of 250 otolaryngologists and 250 radiation oncologists regarding management of(More)
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