Adriane Barth

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Chromosome numbers, morphology, and nucleolus organizer region (NOR) locations are useful cytological characters for taxonomic and evolutionary studies. In this study, we provide the first cytogenetic analysis of Phyllomedusa bahiana and Phasmahyla spectabilis, and report new cytogenetic data on variation in NOR numbers and positions in Phyllomedusa rohdei(More)
Tetragonisca angustula and Tetragonisca fiebrigi have recently been listed as valid species. This study aimed to cytogenetically investigate both species, emphasizing the new registry of B chromosomes in the tribe Meliponini. We analyzed colonies of T. angustula and T. fiebrigi collected at Tangará da Serra, Mato Grosso, Brazil, through conventional Giemsa(More)
The Atlantic Forest (AF) of Brazil has long been recognized as a biodiversity conservation hotspot. Despite decades of studies the species inventory of this biome continues to increase with the discovery of cryptic diversity and the description of new species. Different diversification mechanisms have been proposed to explain the diversity in the region,(More)
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