Adriana de Oliveira

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Introduction A high agreement in the perceptual assessment of hypernasality among different listeners is difficult to achieve. Prior listener training and the standardization of analysis criteria may be effective strategies to decrease the effect of perceptual assessment subjectivity and increase the agreement among listeners. Objective To investigate the(More)
To the Editor: Brazilian pur-puric fever (BPF), a Haemophilus aegyptius–caused febrile hemorrhagic illness of children that begins with conjunctivitis and has a case-fatality rate of 40%–90% (1,2), was fi rst recognized during a 1984 outbreak. Before June 2007, 69 cases were reported worldwide; 65 were from Brazil (1–3). To our knowledge, the disease had(More)
As the World Wide Web (Web) is increasingly adopted as the infrastructure for large-scale distributed information systems, issues of performance modeling become ever more critical. In particular, locality of reference is an important property in the performance modeling of distributed information systems. In the case of the Web, understanding the nature of(More)
This work presents an underwater acoustic communication mechanism which has not been much explored yet. The main goal of this paper is to present academic studies in this subject and try to implement communication systems that can be used to attend modern market needs. In the beginning of this work an introduction about underwater communication is done, as(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the effect of perceptual inter-judge agreement of hypernasality on velopharyngeal (VP) closure prediction. METHODS Two logistic regression models were developed aiming to verify the possibility of predicting the VP closure using the following characteristics: rating of VP closure (adequate, borderline, inadequate), determined by the(More)
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