Adriana Thompson

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1. Abstract A consortium of 12 European car manufacturers, suppliers and research institutes have grouped together to form the CARSENSE programme. The programme, sponsored by the EC, is to develop a sensor system, the purpose of which is to provide sufficient information on the car environment at low speeds to assist in low speed driving in complex (urban)(More)
To provide a long-distance communication device that would appeal to college students and recent graduates, the Rüüg team researched long-distance and face-to-face communication in more than 70 potential users. This research (consisting of surveys, observation, and directed storytelling) revealed the importance of body language and gestures and(More)
Since the 1990s many researchers have proposed frameworks for modelling clinical guidelines and protocols in a computer-interpretable and computer-executable format. Nowadays, the various guideline representation languages and related frameworks also need to address compatibility with healthcare information systems that aim to be interoperable on(More)
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