Adriana Tarulla

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UNLABELLED The objective of the study was to assess the cost of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients in Argentina categorized by disease severity using a societal perspective. METHOD Cross-sectional study including MS patients from 21 MS centers in 12 cities of Argentina. Patients were stratified by disease severity using the expanded disability status scale(More)
BACKGROUND The influence of pregnancy on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has been extensively studied but such influence on Latin American women with MS has not been characterized. Our objective was to describe the course of pregnancy and birth outcome in Argentinean MS patients and the evolution of MS during pregnancy and after delivery. METHOD We used a(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Women with multiple sclerosis (MS) who intend to get pregnant are often advised to discontinue disease modifying therapy (DMT) prior to conception. This recommendation is not based on medical evidence and may interfere with disease control by immunomodulatory drugs. The present study was designed to help discuss the effect of DMT(More)
OBJECTIVE It is estimated that circa 50,000 individuals have relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis in Latin America. European and North-American algorithms for the treatment of multiple sclerosis do not foresee our regional difficulties and the access of patients to treatment. METHODS The Latin American Multiple Sclerosis Forum is an independent and(More)
Biological drugs and nonbiological complex drugs with expired patents are followed by biosimilars and follow-on drugs that are supposedly similar and comparable with the reference product in terms of quality, safety and efficacy. Unlike simple molecules that can be copied and reproduced, biosimilars and follow-on complex drugs are heterogeneous and need(More)
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