Adriana Santoro

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The problem of regression analysis in a fuzzy setting is discussed. A general linear regression model for studying the dependence of a LR fuzzy response variable on a set of crisp explanatory variables, along with a suitable iterative least squares estimation procedure, is introduced. This model is then framed within a wider strategy of analysis, capable to(More)
In performing a fuzzy multiple linear regression model, important topics are: to measure the fitting quality of the model and to find the " best " set of input variables that explain the variation in the observed system responses. In this paper, by considering an exploratory approach, to express the quality of fit of a fuzzy linear regression model, a(More)
The traditional regression analysis is usually applied to homogeneous observations. However, there are several real situations where the observations are not homogeneous. In these cases, by utilizing the traditional regression, we have a loss of performance in fitting terms. Then, for improving the goodness of fit, it is more suitable to apply the so-called(More)
BACKGROUND The Human papillomavirus is the most common sexually transmitted virus worldwide. The objective of this study was to estimate: 1) the prevalence and the incidence of external genital warts (eGW) in a sample of women attending community outpatient clinics and 2) the total number of eGW cases in the Italian female population aged 15-64 years. (More)
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